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About The Artist

Background and Approach
I am Gavin Mundy, a visual artist living and working in Surrey (United Kingdom). I was a prolific drawer even in childhood and ventured into graphics and design but I continued to draw and later taught myself to paint. I use traditional techniques alongside modern acrylic paints for most of my art.
Viewers of my art are invited to appreciate and enjoy the subject of the painting rather than the technique.
Light, texture and pattern are intriguing to me and have always been a focus of interest, consequently the subjects I paint can be of secondary importance and perhaps the reason for such a varied body of work.

Another aspect of painting that I enjoy is the learning. This could be figuring out the technique of capturing an effect in paint or something about the subject itself.

Memberships and exhibitions
My work has been exhibited in the Mall Galleries London, and other locations around the UK, France and America. My paintings also hang on the walls of private buyers from around the UK and other parts of the world and I have successfully completed numerous commissions for clients in the UK and overseas.

I am a member of the SAA, IAAA (see LINKS) and ANS, and DRN. I have also been a director of a small London art gallery. Some of my Space Art has been exhibited around the world from Manchester Museum Of Science and Industry to NASA in the USA. I have also held local exhibitions and been involved in an artistic capacity with some local community work and conducted private art tuition.

Some of my time is also spent working with autistic children, I find some aspects of the condition are shared with the artists 'way of seeing' the world. It is also a good environment to exercise my drawing skills as I frequently employ them to entertain and also communicate with the youngsters.