General Commission information

I do accept painting commissions. People are often a little apprehensive but a commission is an exciting two way process, you are welcome to inquire with no obligation to proceed.
Please do think about a few points before contacting me though, consider;

What approximate size you want the painting?
What is the subject, what feel or impression do you want to convey?
What do you want to spend, does your budget need to include framing and postage?
When do you need the painting for?
If it is a secret/surprise how do I contact you.

Commission FAQ

Q: How much is it?
A: Well that depends on what 'IT' is. I need to know the size of art you would like and the subject as pricing is largely dependent on the size and overall complexity. Time restrictions may also add additional costs. I usually suggest a few options pointing out the pros and cons of each idea including estimated costs, timeframes, pricing etc.

Q: What is it?
A: Paintings are usually in Acrylic unless we agree differently. Most folks like the look of art on canvas so the surface can be stretched canvas or canvas board. However I also frequently paint on hardboard I prepare my own way to a smooth finish. Let me know if you have a preference or we can discuss it.

Q: How does my idea get in your head?
A: Please describe your idea, send me photos, draw a sketch, show me an image similar to what you are thinking of. The more descriptive you can be the better. I cant read minds!

Q: What if I dont like it or change my mind?
A: I email or publish updated images on the web allowing you to see the work as it progresses. Work will commence when an initial sketch is approved. As such there should be no surprises. (During the process small changes can be made as we go along but big changes and reworking may incur an extra charge).

Q: How do I pay?
A: I'm pleased you asked! I can take payments via PayPal and direct bank transfer. Acceptance Mark

Q: When do I pay?
A: On acceptance I require 50% payment. The remainder is payable on completion and must be received before the artwork is delivered or collected. Apart from some very specific works a full refund is payable if you really do not want the final piece - but I dont anticipate this happening!

Q: Do you deliver outside the uk?
A: I do. This can be arranged between us but will add to the cost and delivery time compared to a 'local' commission.

Q: What about framing?
A: If you commission I price the work without a frame. The service can be done at extra cost and time but most clients opt to receive it without frame because of one of the following.
(1)You might not like the frame I choose, or it might not suit your room.
(2)Framing adds weight and size which increases the cost of delivery.
(3)If artwork is glazed the glass may break and damage the artwork in transit.
(4)Some couriers wont carry or insure any art with glass.

Q: Do you work from Photographs?
A: Very often. If you want a painting based on a photograph it must be copyright free or I need written consent from the originator. Good photos are essential. I can use standard photos or receive them by email or on disk.

Portrait Commission Information

Terms And Conditions

Work order

Its only me doing this, I generally only work on a first come first serve basis.

Use of photos

Any photos supplied are for reference only while I do commissions. I can delete, destroy or return any photos after the painting is finished. I cannot use commercial photographs e.g. those taken by a photographer at a school, wedding or private photo session unless you can prove your ownership of copyright, or the photographer gives me permission to use them. Photographers may charge a fee for this and you will be expected to pay the required charge. Any photos I have taken are the property of the artist G Mundy. They may be used in workshops, teaching, self promotion or online for before/after examples.


Fees are subject to change.


A 50% deposit is required before commencement. The remaining 50% can be paid on completion of the portrait. Artwork will not be released until final payment.


Postage is included for original art and prints unless explicitly specified.
I post orders out as soon as I can but please bear in mind sometimes this wont be instantaneous, there may be a small delay at times
Art will be appropriately wrapped and packed for transport. Packages will be insured and tracked.
Check package on delivery before signing. Any damage or loss sustained in transport is the responsibility of the delivery firm. Gavin Mundy is not responsible for transport loss or damage.
Any damage sustained in transport must be taken up with the delivery firm.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers expire after 12 months from date of issue. Vouchers are for a set value only.


Discounts are ocasionally given for set periods and need a minimum of a deposit to be paid before the offer end date. Vouchers may be used on special offers at my discretion.


Copyright of artwork is retained by Gavin Mundy in all artistic works. Client may request a no-publish status for a small additional fee. Unlimited Reproduction Rights available for an additional 100% of portrait price.


Before payment and posting you will be asked to approve the artwork online or in person if possible. If the Artwork requires changes, you must state this BEFORE the item is posted out. If you require changes upon receipt of the artwork, then any postage costs back to Gavin Mundy, will be borne by yourself, and postage back to you once any alterations have been approved.

If you no longer require the artwork, after completion, then 70% of the agreed price will be retained by the artist for costs and time incurred. You will receive a 30% refund. However, please note that all rights to the image remain with the artist Gavin Mundy who has the right to sell or use the painting for advertising, or commercial use.

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