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Object of desire


Acrylic on Board 16x12in 41x30.5cm UNFRAMED

Thought I'd paint it like a grown-ups showroom car but with all its niks and dents. The real car is given precious status by adults but I remember coveting my favourite toys and they never lost their magic even with chipped paint and wonky wheels.

A perfect artwork for car lovers or fans of Matchbox/Hotwheels or indeed Ford Camaros

£ 440.00



Acrylic on Board 21x27in 53x67cm Framed

I was in the mood for something tricky. Had this idea in my mind for some time before I had the guts to attempt it. Just the colours and repetetive attributes appealed to me

A colourful contemporary piece and would be a great purchase for a beer connoisseur.

£ 995.00

Aircraft Engine

aircraft engine

Acrylic on Board 12x10in 30.5x26cm UNFRAMED

Close up study of an aircraft engine. The contrasting shades of polished metal and rust and the great variety of textures made this an irresistible if somewhat complicated subject.

For aviation fans this is a Mk 18 Bristol Centaurus radial engine of 1947. It was used to power the Hawker Sea Fury.

£ 225.00

Shed Stuff

sheds stuff

Acrylic on Board 15x13in 38x33cm Framed

A still life painting of items from a shed. A good range of textures and colours and quite a challenge.

£ 225.00

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