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Copyright is the exclusive pemission to reproduce the image in absolutely any way, worldwide and the choice of allowing others to reproduce it, for the period of copyright.

Please note that ownership of original artwork does not constitute ownership of copyright. Ownership of copyright remains with the originating artist unless written permission is given.
The reason for this is because giving copyright is giving away all control of the image. Thus the artist who created the artwork would have no further right even to use it in self promotion, on a website etc, or even their own business card. It could also be used for purposes the artist does not wish to be associated. Clearly this is not ideal for the artist and few clients will actually need full copyright for their purposes.
For this reason a license can be given stating what specific use the Image is for. For example limits can be put on time, or purpose eg a t-shirt design or just as a poster. This would entitle you to use it for that purpose only and nothing else which is all you will probably find you need. If changes are wanted later like extra print runs or wider range of reproductions or extended time another license can be issued for that purpose

The price of licences varies on the use of the image. A few hundred black and white reproduction for a small local band would be quite different to a major film advertised in all mediums internationally.