A photo hangs on a wall, A portrait lives in a room.
Art buyers might be interested to know that commissioned paintings and original art come accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
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Why a portrait?
People love having unique art on their wall, as a focal point in a room, they are always a topic of conversation and capture a personality and a moment in time. For centuries people have enjoyed portraits of themselves, their children or loved ones. There is something quite special about a painting that photos, despite being realistic, still donít capture. I tend to think a photo hangs on a wall but a portrait lives in a room. As well as people I also paint portraits of pets and even vehicles or childhood toys! I like getting unusual requests :-)

My paintings
I paint portraits with artists heavy body acrylic paint on canvas. I use acrylic because it behaves in a way that suits my painting style. The pigments(colours) are the best arround and exhibit the highest levels of permanence and light-fastness. Acrylics dry much faster than oil paints (so you can get your art quicker) and tests have proved their longevity equals or exceeds that of oil paint.

In this modern throw away age I find customers appreciate that people like myself still have a craft and find reassurance that unique personal things can be created to last and be enjoyed for generations.