A photo hangs on a wall, A portrait lives in a room.
Art buyers might be interested to know that commissioned paintings and original art come accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
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Portrait Prices
To simplify the price structure the following price guide is for a single person portrait featuring the head and shoulders on a plain or simple background.
These prices exclude framing and delivery.

There is a large selection of sizes but the following gives you an indication of the scale.
10 x 8 Inch = from £160
12 x 10 Inch = from £240
16 x 12 inch = from £255
18 x 14 inch = from £310
20 x 20 inch = from £440
20 x 30 inches = from £600
larger sizes also possible.

Black and white paintings are 30% less than the colour equivalent.

Complex backgrounds and scenes will be charged extra depending on complexity.

Extra people in one painting are charged at 50% per extra person in the painting. I do not advise painting two people in one painting smaller than about 18 inches.