ONLINE PROGRESS UPDATES. Clients can be emailed or texted progress photos or they can view online. If permission is given I can also post on Facebook.
Payment can be spread with smaller payment over time if preferred.
Art buyers might be interested to know that commissioned paintings and original art come accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
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The Portrait Process
On enquiry the client describes what they want or expect. (stuck for ideas? click here) I can give a guide to what this will cost but if working from photos I need to see them to evaluate their quality and usefulness to me as an artist.
After a 50% deposit I produce a sketch, colour rough or on occasion a few ideas that I believe could work, sometimes suggesting a 'wildcard' composition or idea the client hadn't thought of. At this point the client can say their preference or request further refinement.
When given the OK I can get on producing the artwork. If the client would like it I can email progress photos or post online, eg on my Facebook page. Once completed the client pays the outstanding balance and can collect the artwork or it can be packed and deliverd at cost to the client. Delivery charges will depend on weight and size. The customer is responsible for framing.

There are two parts to the time frame. The painting itself and the preparation/research beforehand. One should expect one to two months
[PREPARATION] The preliminary stages before painting are very important. Some clients find it hard to define what they want or supply good photos or decide on size etc which ads time, I also need to do a sketch the client can approve before I begin committing paint to canvas. Other works and professional commitments also impact on schedules. I should be able to indicate a timescale when contacted.
[PAINTING] I have been known to produce a painting within a week however it usually best to expect a couple of weeks of painting and a little more time for me to 'live with it'. That is to say, I stop painting, put it aside for a few days then go back to it with fresh eyes - this often shows up any quirks I might want to ammend. Following this I will varnish the work.

How we work together
I can work from life, mainly taking my own photos and doing sketches or, as many people seem to prefer, I can work from photos.
For a really good portrait painting based on photographs it is ESSENTIAL that these photographs be good clear photographs taken in natural light. I would like to stress that last sentence, please read it again!. Artificial light and flash photography provide little or no assistance to me in creating a likeness. I can give further tips on taking photos that can help the client and I save time.
If a supply of recent photos are not possible I can review what photographs you have and tell you what I may be able to do.

Before I can help you..
Things I will need to know are:
Who it is for?
What size of painting you would like?
What is art of i.e. Full figure, upper body or just head and shoulders?
What method of reference is prefered - your photos or in person?
How much the budget is?
How many people in the painting?
When the painting is for?
Why this art is required, eg birthday, retirement etc?
Where is this painting going?
Is this a surprise? if so state preferred contact method.
Answers to all these tend to get a swifter response and I'll ask them anyway.