A photo hangs on a wall, A portrait lives in a room.
Art buyers might be interested to know that commissioned paintings and original art come accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
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Work order
I can only work on a first come first serve basis.

Use of photos
Any photos supplied are for reference only while I do commissions. I can delete, destroy or return any photos after the painting is finished.
I cannot use commercial photographs e.g. those taken by a photographer at a school, wedding or private photo session unless you can prove your ownership of copyright, or the photographer gives me permission to use them. Photographers may charge a fee for this and you will be expected to pay the required charge.
Any photos I have taken are the property of the artist G Mundy. They may be used in workshops, teaching, self promotion or online for before/after examples.

Fees are subject to change.

A 50% deposit is required before commencement. The remaining 50% can be paid on completion of the portrait.
Payment can also be split into 3 payments if this helps. Artwork will not be released until final payment.

Postage is is not included in the Portrait price. Art will be appropriately wrapped and packed for transport. Packages will be insured and tracked.
Check package on delivery before signing.Any damage or loss sustained in transport is the responsibility of the delivery firm. Gavin Mundy is not responsible for transport loss or damage.
Any damage sustained in transport must be taken up with the delivery firm.

Gift Vouchers
Vouchers expire after 12 months from date of issue.
Vouchers are for a set value only.

Discounts are ocasionally given for set periods and need a minimum of a deposit to be paid before the offer end date.
Vouchers may be used on special offers at my discretion.

Copyright of artwork is retained by Gavin Mundy in all artistic works. Client may request a no-publish status for a small additional fee.
Unlimited Reproduction Rights available for an additional 100% of portrait price.

Before payment and posting you will be asked to approve the artwork online or in person if possible.
If the Artwork requires changes, you must state this BEFORE the item is posted out. If you require changes upon receipt of the artwork, then any postage costs back to Gavin Mundy, will be borne by yourself, and postage back to you once any alterations have been approved.

If you no longer require the artwork, after completion, then 70% of the agreed price will be retained by the artist for costs and time incurred. You will receive a 30% refund. However, please note that all rights to the image remain with the artist Gavin Mundy who has the right to sell or use the painting for advertising, or commercial use.

note: Some people find a portrait 'not right' at first as they are so used to seeing themselves reversed in a mirror. It can take a week or two to get over this mirrored self image and view the art as others do. I request people retain a work for this time before any returns. (Its never happened so far by the way!)