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In 2005/2006 I spent some time in Romania. Art inspired by my time there is dotted around this site but all can be found on this page.
On a related topic an article on me from 2006 can be found AT THIS LINK outlining some of my work in the orphanages. A backlog of images rattling around in my head means there may of course be more to come.

Curiously I only have one orphanage based picture to show for it, at the moment...

Brasov Bus

- Brasov Bus - [Romania]
© 2009 Gavin Mundy. medium = Acrylic

A bus stop in Brasov city.


- The Room Between - [Romania]
© 2009 Gavin Mundy. medium = Oil Pastel

Romanian Orpanage

Serene Scene

- Serene Scene - [Romania]
© 2009 Gavin Mundy. medium = Acrylic

Cool landscape somewhare in N/E Romania

Misty Forest

- Misty Forest - [Romania]
© 2009 Gavin Mundy. medium = Acrylic

Forest mist


The following I did on a previous trip to Romania.

Clock Tower

- Clock Tower - [Romania]
© 2007 Gavin Mundy. medium = Pencil

Clock tower in Sighisoara.

Romanian Wolf

- Romanian Wolf - [Romania]
© 2007 Gavin Mundy. medium = Acrylic

Wolf in a Romanian forest.